Cancer Care Massage

Cancer Care Massage

Massage can be safely given at all stages of your Cancer journey, from diagnosis and all the way through treatment. Before your massage, we do a detailed consultation so that your session is tailored to ensure that you receive just what you need to support you physically and emotionally, taking into account the many side effects of treatment. Massage can be a real lifeline people living with Cancer.


N From Edinburgh

To set the scene, a perfect place
a candleglow, a scented space
The perfect place to sooth the fear
that cancer treatment brings so near

And Sarah with her friendly cheer
So welcoming, provides an ear
To understand the terrible cost
of cancer treatment and what’s lost

To make amends she starts to work
A soothing massage, what a perk!
With nimble fingers, working away
The stress and fear are kept at bay

And afterwards it feels just right
Reviving spirits, a sense of light
With a cup of tea and choccie treat
Now that’s what I call a perfect retreat!

Thank you Sarah for your care, attention, marvellous massage skills and providing a safe haven when I really needed it.