Abdominal Massage for Reproductive and Digestive health

Abdominal Massage for Reproductive and Digestive health

Have you ever tried abdominal massage? Clients often request this treatment to help relieve the symptoms of digestive complaints such as IBS or constipation, or to address reproductive issues such as Endometriosis, Fibroids, Menopausal symptoms, painful or irregular periods. Clients trying to conceive via natural or assisted methods often use this treatment to try to help ease physical and stress related issues that may be affecting their chances of conceiving.

I have trained both in Thailand and the UK, and can offer the following stand alone treatments, or a combination of the two:

Thai Style

A mat based treatment that is performed through the clothes, using abdominal massage and the addition of acupressure points on the legs, hips, back and abdomen.

Oil Massage

This treatment works specifically on the lower back, pelvic and abdominal area. Add hot stones or warm oil for the ultimate treat.

Lovely feedback from a client:

Thank you very much for your massages and guidance, Sarah. You have genuinely helped to give me a much better appreciation, understanding and connection with my reproductive self…Working with you has brought about an awakening that now informs so many other parts of my emotional and spiritual well-being. Lots of love, L.