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Excellent massage with a wonderful blend of Thai, Remedial, Swedish and Hot stone techniques. Sarah is a therapist who really understands the body
M from Edinburgh
Oh Sarah Urquhart-Taylor, you are the neck-fixing queen and I worship your awesomeness from my state of Zenitude.
E from Edinburgh
Sarah, thank you so much! My boyfriend said his massage was awesome and that you and your nifty little turbo fingers are made of WIN!
M from Edinburgh
Thanks to Sarah Urquhart-Taylor for fixing my neck and unwittingly curing the searing wisdom-tooth ache in the side of my face. It's like the body's all connected and even, the body and mind are one. Quality! Wisdom indeed! Thank you!
M from Edinburgh
I have a long standing rugby induced neck injury. This plays up from time to time, aggravated by long hours behind the computer. The resulting neck and shoulder muscle spasm often triggers migraine too. I have found Sarah's massage therapy extremely helpful both in treating and preventing symptoms. Sarah is friendly, yet very professional, making the massage session very comfortable and relaxing. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Sarah as a massage therapist.
M from Edinburgh
Thanks for the massage – a real treat! I was stiff and tired after a combination of rock-climbing, gardening and a stressful project at work, but as usual your healing hands melted away all the knots and tension. You seem to have to knack of knowing what to work on without me even having to tell you! I’m looking forward to my next massage which will be very welcome.
T from the Highlands
I really look forward to a massage from Sarah. I always feel marvellous after it, as all the 'knots' are sorted out and I feel really calm. I go home 'treading on air
H from The Highlands
...Twists, stretches and one particularly bizarre sensation on my shoulders which at first felt like two robotic hands were crushing only for a sudden release of pressure what I can only imagine a butterfly feels when it opens its wings for the first time. A few days later my ankle swelling had subsided and while there was still some slight pain I was able to start running again and managed to complete my mountain challenge at my usual pace and knocked 5mins off my half marathon time. I also felt as if I was ‘less hunched’ particularly around the chest & shoulder area. Overall the treatments seem to have released muscles I didn’t think I had and I’m feeling a distinct improvement in my performance at the gym and on the football pitch. Needless to say I shall be continuing with the treatments.
T from Glasgow
I suffer with Osteo-Arthritis and have ongoing pain in my neck and back. Sarah's massage sessions really help to not only ease the pain but relax my whole body. Her advice is always helpful and I leave the session feeling refreshed and relaxed. Sarah is a very easy to talk to and extremely professional.
M from the Highlands
I suffer from chronic pain due to fibromyalgia, scoliosis, and back injuries, and have found that massage gives considerable relief. Of all the many therapists I have been treated by, Sarah should be awarded A*. She combines knowledge and experience with a wonderful "bedside manner", and has a knack for providing the right treatment even if you are not sure what you need. Relaxing, invigorating or problem solving, you name it, she does it.
C from the Highlands
That was the best massage I have ever had. The pressure was perfect and I feel totally relaxed now. I can't thank you enough, I will definitely be back.
A from Edinburgh
If you're in Edinburgh and you need a good seeing to, give Sarah Urquhart-Taylor a call. She's one of the few girls who charges by the hour and doesn't make you feel ashamed when you leave
M from Edinburgh